12 mixed pairs USD 50 incl tax + P+P



WATERPROOF STIKINI® are cut in flower, butterfly and shell shapes, in various sizes, colours and prints. Wear with your favorite tanga or instead of a bra. STIKINI are self-adhesive, hypoallergenic and help to uplift and support. Ultra light, you will feel as if you have nothing on, yet maintain feminine discretion

STIKINI © was developed for beaches, where topless bathing is not acceptable, for ladies who want a strapless tan. An instant success, STIKINI are designed to cover, give uplift and support. Super comfortable, the fabric helps protect against UV rays and allows the skin to breathe. Although STIKINI are disposable you may wear a pair for a few days. You may dive and swim without fear of losing your top. See movie

Stikini Strapless Bikini Sizes and Order Designs
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